Dalton Agency

As an undergrad, I spent a semester interning at the Dalton Agency. The Dalton Agency is a full-service advertising, public relations and digital agency. Some of their clients include AT&T, the American Heart Association and McDonald’s. During my internship I worked primarily on the marketing and advertising for the McDonald’s account. Some of my responsibilities at Dalton were building brand awareness, conducting research and assisting different departments in the agency.

Events and Brand Awareness

During the time of my internship, we focused on developing McDonald’s in the community throughout the Southeast region. I was involved in brainstorming ways to build engagement through internal and external communications such as social media contests, internal incentives through franchise locations and events.


I was also responsible for conducting researching  to strengthen the McDonald’s brand.  This included performing research on demographics and staying current on what competitors are doing to keep McDonald’s competitive in the market.


By helping other departments in the agency I was engaged in not only advertising but also public relations, media relations, project management and general communications. I provided input in the creative process and contributed the copywriting and design process of materials.


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