Design Supervisor

As a supervisor at Web.com, I was first and foremost responsible for leading and mentoring a team of 15-30 designers in the design process on a daily basis, whether it be continually providing guidance and feedback on quality or implementing goal-orientated strategies to help designers exceed expectations in production.

Outside of the designers, I assisted with special projects to improvement to processes, fulfillment, and product offerings to strengthen the company as a whole. For example, I created an Excel sheet utilizing formulas to reduce manual errors and streamline payroll processing. Also, I improved our product by researching current design trends and setting standards for the most popular website industries including medical, photography, cleaning and automotive. I did this while assisting with developing and delivering training materials around these industries to the Design, Copywriting and Quality Control departments.

Web Designer

Before being promoted into a supervisor role at Web.com, I severed the team as a designer. I was responsible for the building a variety of websites from start-to-finish using basic CSS and HTML coding. This includes overall aesthetic appeal including branding, layout and custom graphics for over 950 websites. Aside from design, I trained new employees on company processes, standards and day-to-day quality of work. I was also selected to work with current employees one-on-one to increase productivity and strengthen their production rate.